About Me

I was born in Warsaw... and I grew up under the influence of a catholic education (the good one – thx Mom and Dad), the post-communist reality in a neighborhood full of gray blocks and the fast developing capitalism mixed with the everytimemorepresent mass-culture.

And that's how I became an adult – I am still working on that...

(and all similar stuff)... I don´t know neither when it started nor when it will stop. For now, I need it. It`s my way to communicate with myself and with all that surrounds me. I always find it funny how people react to my work –which parts of them are touched by it. For me, art is a “mirror”. The things that a viewer finds there, those that inspire him, are parts of himself – of his feelings and beliefs … para-bim para-boom...

So I don't pretend to control their reaction, but I like to think that my challenge (and responsibility) is to rock the viewer’s world once in a while.

Andrzej Krupinski

born 29 augost 1980 Warsaw (Poland)


What I think about art, in few general rules that I try to follow:
#1 The work is always more important than the artist. These are two independent beings, with two independent relations with a viewer.
#2 The mission of the artist is to give the viewer the opportunity to find in the work his own meaning -to wake up the viewer’s mind.
#3 The fact that a viewer discovers the message of the author is casual - it just means that the author and the viewer believe in the same stuff.
#4 The most important part in the relation between author and his work finishes when work is ready. For the viewer, that relation just begins.
#5 When the work is finished, the artist must become a viewer. It’s the way that He and his work are free.